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The Imperatives Of Our Times, “Life As An Act Of Power”


What I propose here to you reader and contribute 2 save the planet NOW that we came 2 cross roads where you LIVE OR DIE 4EVER, make a real concrete act of power and stop contributing 2 evil establishment, evil religions and governments working 4 death and destruction, we can not only concentrate on OURSELVES, we are part of a whole, called LIFE, therefore, you do not have the choice, you have 2 act with conscious acts and deeds that will profit every single LIFE FORM on this planet and the universe, I’m not a writer or poet or whatever you make think, I am a human being like you sharing this wonderful space time and by this blog, I wish to spread consciousness and awareness that your time is running out, ACT NOW.

 The truth about REAL SCIENCE IS THE POWER OF LIFE AT THE ATOMIC LEVEL AS QUANTUM MECHANICS is just scratching the surface of the infinite potential of real Creation, actual civilization, worked 4 death and control, impulse you 2 become a ROBOT AND OBEY ORDERS 4 MURDER, TV news, monopolies and money fucker systems, served 2 destroy the planet and yourselves, Monsanto’s multiple names worldwide, make you believe you are eating healthy foods while they give only TRANSGENIC MODIFIED REAL FOOD so you continue living in TOTAL CONTROL and do what the FUCKERS OF LIFE, want you 2 destroy, starting with yourself, eating garbage foods and drinks, etc., set free from the prison you are in by getting all what you need 4 FREE, I do it since about more than 20 years, We real Word Order 4 Life, TRADE 4 FREE WHAT WE NEED, evil money systems and their asses behind ARE IN THE LIST OF EXTINGUISHED ESPECIES 4EVER, those robots still walking on earth, IT WON’T BE 4 LONG, planet earth moved 2 a new space time where ASSHOLES AND DESTRUCTIVE FUCKERS, WON’T BE ALLOW 2 BE PART OF THE PARADISE that planet EARTH is once and 4 all CLEANED UP OF ALL UNWANTED PARASITES. Sobeitsoitis.

 All knowledge and insights I am giving you, come from within, I AM AWAKEN since the age of 5 years old, I never watch TV or news or read books, etc., I CAN KNOW WITH SCIENTIPHIC DATA, all what is happening on Earth and our local Universe, I LIVED TOTAL TRANSMUTATION OF MY SPIRITUAL OR SOUL BEING ALONG WITH SOLAR IGNICIATION that I had 2 live 4 many years along with governments and secret societies trying 2 MURDER ME BECAUSE I SAVED YOUR ASS and NOW only depends on you if you qualify 4 DELETION FROM ANY LIFE FORM on this planet or YOU START NOW ACTING 4 LIFE by not been part of actual MONEY SYSTES fucking this world, YOU WILL BECOME PART OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER 4 LIFE, helping THE TASK OF WIPING OUT ALL ACTUAL STINKY ROYAL/VATICAN/PENTAGON/LONDON MURDERERS, their desperation came a total point of isolation because their masters, a extraterrestrial race now DELETED FROM LIFE, left them along and powerless, these same humanoids made of flesh and blood and now dying because of too much consumption of flesh, meat and blood drinking, ARE DESTROYING AMONG THEMSELVES 4EVER, if you see the faces of Royal families and government leaders, THEIR FACES BECAME LIKE THOSE OF REPTILIANS, this is 4 too much dead meat in their systems, GO VEGETARIAN AND BECOME YOUNG 4EVER, continue eating death and tortured people and animals and BE A VOID THAT HISTORY WON’T EVEN RECOGNIZE. Check this video I discovered and knew already the information Kameran Fally is giving 2 Project Camelot, Niviru is coming, how to block us from help from the stars, in my experience NOTHING BLOCK US IN REAL TERMS 4EVER, you wake up 2 your own knowing and fight 4 life until you BECOME THE MASTER OF THE WORLD with no EXTRATERRESTRIALS that will save your life, it is what is BEEN DONE by actual ASSHOLES with help or ignorant extra-terrestrials or not what FUCKED OUR WORLD in the first place.

 Let me tell you that I don’t watch all these video, I watch a bit of it and know right away it is TRUTH or again LIES 2 MAINTAIN IN SLAVERY, as I said, I don’t feed myself from the OUTSIDE WORLD, since I lost it all and I had nothing else but real WEALTH IN FORM OF LIFE, I FEEL THE MOST FORTUNATE BEING IN THE UNIVERSE, my riches are DIVERSITY, ARTS, BEAUTY, REAL LOVE, CREATIVITY, etc., the fact that I BECAME POOR OF IGNORANT ASSETS AS EVIL MONEY, VANITY AND GREED, made of me, A WHOLE BEING WITH ALL THAT IS LIFE and NOW, I AM THE MASTER OF ALL WORLD 4 LIFE, there is no space 4 DEATH WITHOUT CREATIVE MEANS, echo-systems in our planet have 2 live and die constantly so we HUMANS are able 2 inhabit earth but ILLUMINATI OR ZIONIST FUCKERS decided that destruction was the option 2 maintain YOU A SLAVE, I have never been a slave and I WON ALL BATTLES UNTIL NOW, so can you,,,,

Nature gives you everything 2 stay in Balance 4 life, I was attacked with Beam laser technology by CIA or extraterrestrial asses, I didn’t have the time 2 find out since I passed 7 years healing myself from the attack, they send a laser beam of radiation so you fry at the spot, I left home healthy and came back home dyeing, all soared as if I HAVE BEEN TAKEN THE SUN NAKED 4 A DAY, I rushed 2 the hospital next day just 2 see that ignorance is their tag, I am ALLERGIC 2 ANY EVIL MEDICATION, BEING HEALTHY ALL MY LIFE, I always HEALED MYSELF WITH NATURA and eating organic, the fucking ignorant doctor sent the prescription 2 the garbage and told me 2 go home, I was at the time in British Columbia at a very hot spot so I decided 2 go back 2 Quebec, this is what the fucker meant with go home, in BC, the mayority of asses living there are very snob and prejudice, they feel superior saying they come from England, they don’t like natives, I feel native of planet earth even if I am from white race appearance, well 2 make the story short, when I went back 2 Quebec another series of attacks with contaminated apartments were waiting 4 me, nowadays, even if they don’t know you, by their technology given 2 governments, using a special computer, they can know who ELIMINATE and who 2 keep alive, the only problem they hade with trying 2 murder my body since the age of 8 years old was that they DIDN’T KNOW I HAVE AN INFINITE ARMY BEHIND ME, so because of the 2009 murder attempt towards my body, I say my physical body because they CAN’T ENTER MY MIND AND ETERNAL SPIRIT, I BECAME IMMORTAL since the year 98 and gave birth to so many STELAR CHILDREN with the idea 2 CHANGE DNA ON PLANET EARTH and stop ROBOTIC BEHAVIOUR, check this link 2 read about this episode of giving birth to 30 stellar babies with no sexual intercourse, etc.,

 Music is 2 me, A COSMIC AND HEALING DANCE, when I was attacked or 4 healing others, I use, sound mantras, will power, arts and all my senses, this way I COULD HEAL THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AND LITTERALLY SAVE ANIMALS AND NATURE FROM EXTINCTION, what I decided not 2 SAVE, was the stinky humanoid asses feed with IGNORANCE, I don’t take drugs, instead I listen 2 Pink Floyd, Mozart, Tania Libertad, Leonard Cohen, Dire Straits, Yanni and so many other great real creators 4 life, life a passionate life with whatever you enjoy working at, always with standards of 0 POLLUTION or harming another life, MOVE BEYOND THE ROBOTIC MIND and find REAL FREEDOM, I DID IT,  here is a video on how  Dr Rauni Kilde was assassinated in 2014 with the same technology used 2 murder me in 2009,,

Thanks 4 being 0 pollution, become *Arts and Acts 4 Life*

By NinaOhman

NinaOhman art painter and muralist

By NinaOhman 2005

By NinaOhman 2005

NinaOhman is a self-taught art painter and muralist, environment activist, her education and schooling were given by life itself, she lives without money systems since about 22 years, therefore, her artwork has a timeless and not corrupted commercial appeal, real freedom without actual corrupted evil money establishment is her flag, she says, there is always a way 2 keep your integrity and work 2 enjoy life with respect 4 all that is, when she started living without money, her life really made a difference 4 all life on the planet, she is committed 2 eradicate evil, polluted minds and asses that have only one purpose in mind, GREED AND DESTRUCTION, the imperatives of our times are an immediate action so you stop supporting GENOCIDE by means of actual technology, did you know that cell phones, cell antennas, smart meters and all actual wireless technology along with chemtrails and massive radiation, ARE THE NEW WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION? NinaOhman feels that our purpose on earth is realizing that we have 2 stop supporting actual governments and establishment which their only objective is DESTRUCTION, don’t follow the hypnotic robotized behaviour that tells you, if I pollute by consuming what I don’t need, etc., everybody does it, why bother? we are just passing by at this level of existence, your chance 2 make the difference by becoming a real human being that cares about life, it is coming 2 an end, the future of our planet, it’s total consciousness and a green paradise 4 all without evil money or riches 4 a few stinky asses and minds, the past and present actual wars, lies and corrupted ignorant assholes, ARE HISTORY, CONSCIOUSNESS WILL PREVAIL AS ABOVE AS BELLOW, we don’t have much time left 2 repair the DAMAGE DONE 2 OUR PLANET, now if you POLLUTE, you are the first one 2 be DELETED FROM EXISTENCE 4EVER, don’t support evil money systems and destruction, our galaxy and planet earth, moved 2 a new form of feminine gravitational field where parasites and ignorance, ARE NOT ALLOWED, let’s make of actual evil establishment HISTORY, only those that manifest REAL LOVE, INTELLIGENCE AND WILL, applied 2 their daily lives 4 the WELLBEING OF ALL LIFE will remain on the Earth, all your daily deeds have 2 focus on not supporting corruption at any level, set of the grid with natural biodegradable and renewable energies that will cost 0 money, THE FUCKERS GET IT 4 FREE, SO CAN YOU.

Spreading consciousness and real knowledge are NinaOhman’s motives 2 be here online, NOT SUPPORTING EVIL MONEY SYSTEMS, EVIL RELIGIONS AND MONOPOLIES FOR DEATH, ARE A NECESSITY if you want to remain alive and healthy in this robotized world, DESTRUCTION OF ACTUAL ESTABLISHMENT, POLITICS, AND MONEY FUCKERS, it’s the new world order 4 life, all new cities and villages worldwide WILL BE FORMED IN COOPS that will provide humans with FREE ENERGIES, ORGANIC FOODS, AND DRINKS, making of this planet a   FREE paradise, it is in your hands 2 become a dead walking or buried parasite or taking action 2 set free.

Become inspired by being focus on real creation and leave the artificial world of fake arts, music and invented religions and science 4 death, support animals and nature, instead of eating death, eath life, your only choice nowadays 2 be healthy, IT IS  VEGETARIAN VEGAN OR FULLY RAW, even wild meat, it is poisoned by radiation (there are some exception in case you live in the wild and the only food is eating also animals that eat vegetarian animals) NinaOhman traveled for 24 years discovering and experiencing cold facts of DESTRUCTION AND GENOCIDE on our planet, seeing the evidence that corruption at all levels of humanoid’s society, was a fact, Planet Earth became a big prison 4 all, the tools used and still at work 4 weak and ignorant minds and asses, are actual corrupted governments, religions, and science 4 death, if you really want to KNOW THE FACTS OF LIFE, discern when you watch TV, NEWS, INTERNET, the whole communication’s system is controlled and manipulated, must of the time they say only 25% of the TRUE STORY, first know by yourselves if this or that are pure lies or it is true, NinaOhman has more than 20 years without distracting herself with this garbage artificial elite society 4 death, she doesn’t need 2 read or learn from books or corrupted Universities 2 really get knowledge, real science and knowledge, IT IS AN INTRINSEC PART OF OUR REAL INTELLIGENCE,  THE SUPER MIND SHE BECAME AFTER TOTAL TRANSMUTATION, tells her directly what she needs 2 know and what she has 2 write or say, only when she needs 2 corroborate scientifically what she knows, the answer that matches what she takes 4 real, comes 2 her, she is a conscious being since the age of 4 years old so nothing is a mystery 2 her, what she knows, she gets it from living life, what we all get from establishment media or books, etc., 2 her, are only 25% true, where is the 75% missing, ask the MONEY SYSTEMS and they tell you, WE ARE THE LAW so don’t ask just obey, by observing people’s behaviour, she learned about all science and their true dimension when applied 4 life, real medicine, archaeology, anthropology, and all science originally designed 2 serve us and prevent illnesses, were used 2 serve our money systems so a few assholes got RICH at the cost of destroying lives, contaminating our environment, etc.

Money corrupts weak minds, all destruction was in the name of GREED AND CONTROL, any conflict, pollution or wars created, were meant 2 SUCK your riches and control your mind, money systems are there 2 assist total GENOCIDE, just follow where the riches or money involved went in any war, terrorist act or establishment social institutions and find the TRUTH, the booming of twin towers in New York, were holograms of Muslim terrorist doing it, while the CIA and Pentagon, put down the buildings with Nano or Laser technologies that melted the led foundations of the buildings with the purpose TO STEAL ALL THE GOLD STORED THERE, here you have a link on how Dr. Rauni Kilde was murdered with the same laser radiation technology sent 2 NinaOhman in 2009, happily NinaOhman survived:

Dr. Rauni Kilde assassinated in 2014 because she was bringing consciousness and health to the world,, this link is her page,

Please visit the link down 4 NinaOhman’s artwork,

NinaOhman became very involved with issues regarding environment and fair living for all citizens on this planet, meeting important people worldwide, she is a Pipe Holder for native knowledge and known as BlueSky or Dammebleu, besides the fact of her total dedication solving huge problems that are destroying our main source of survival, she met important people in Quebec, Canada  and throughout the world, some of them died or were MURDERED by the system or died due 2 the radiation caused by TRANSMUTATION OR SUN IGNICIATION, NinaOhman lived this transmutation at a physical and spiritual levels from 2004 up to now, besides the lethal attack in 2009 to kill her, she survived this attacked, making of her an absolute power on earth so the cleansing comes 2 an end 4ever.

Sun transmutation and actual pollution became a lethal weapon 4 all beings working 4 life on this planet, the worst nightmare, it is the physical body, this sun natural radiation and pollution can cause us CANCER if we don’t digest and shit literally the egocentricity, vanity, and accept that our thinking processes are finished, instead, we have to be ALERT CONSTANTLY OF PHYSICAL AND ASTRAL ATTACKS, the good news ARE THAT WE ARE ABLE 2 BEAT ALL BY BEING PURE LOVE, INTELLIGENCE AND WILL, ALL APPLIED AS ONE.

We real power on earth, we are not impressed by big shots or famous glamorous asses, NinaOhman met one of the richest man in the world Mr. Joseph Thomson, the Thomson empire in Canada (death 2007) and  Mr. Blair , he made James Wilson Maurice famous after he was death and bought most of his paintings, after Mr. Blair death, he gave his fortune in form of  art paintings to the Ottawa Museum, he had about 200 Maurice paintings, NinaOhman had the privilege 2 admire all these paintings at his home in Toronto, during NinaOhman’s whole life, she was offered fame and fortune but she knew all the time, evil money and recognition comes with a price, she is priceless and chose always 2 HAVE IT ALL 4 FREE.

NinaOhman met Oscar Arredondo in 2000, one of the authorities in the world on Organic Agriculture and UFO phenomena, also harassed by food multinational and order by the Mexican government, he had 2 stop producing organic, this link is in Spanish, , she also met many other important people during her numerous work and pleasure trips 2 many countries such as United States, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Guatemala, France, Spain, Morocco and Central America, the rest of the world, she didn’t travel physically since radiation in planes due 2 the fact that all passengers use cell phones, a lethal way of getting you sick, NinaOhman decided 2 use her ether body 2 ontinue travelling where she is needed, this transportation cost 0 money and it is done in the blink of an eye.

Please take note that most of the people I named above, are well known and public figures, please go to the respective sites, mainly Bernard de Montreal and Daniel Kemp, they are remarkable conscious beings that contributed in various topics worldwide and left a very important legacy to the whole world.


This article was edited with the purpose of spreading consciousness and real knowledge beyond the orthodox or academic skills, NinaOhman’s academic skills have not P.H.D’s or University instruction,  according to her experience, actual Universities worked 4 death mostly, her most precious learning is ordinary events that became extra-ordinary and gave her the TICKET 2 REAL FREEDOM.

By Dammebleu